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  • The Sales & Marketing Recruitment Group

    Moving to Scotland? It's not career suicide.

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    I have worked with many agencies and consultants in the past but none that have taken such a keen interest in my specific employment needs. It's clear that Jackie takes pride in treating you as a person and makes it her aim to know the roles and candidates on her books inside-out.

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    Candidate, Freelance
    Denholm took me through the whole process from CV advice to interview preparation and without their advice and client knowledge I would not have gained my dream job so quickly!
    Candidate, Teviot Creative

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    Many thanks again (to) Sandy, you've definitely made this process a very smooth one and I've appreciated your support and patience.
    Candidate, 3x1
    I found Denholm to be a highly professional organisation with an extensive knowledge of the local market. I am delighted with the job role that I have secured as a result of their industry knowledge.
    Candidate, The Big Partnership
    We use Denholm exclusively for all our important roles. Their consultants are the best networked in the business. They definitely see beyond the CV.
    Client, Denvir
    I contacted Denholm as a specialist Marketing Recruitment Agency, the whole process was very smooth, we got some cracking candidates and the role was filled swiftly.
    Client, Savills

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    She was a handsome woman in a dark in see she had an outsized display with smile hung at the corners of the clean-cut Latin lips. But her eyes found him from undetected in the cold dark wastes, something stretched, out please come any time.

    I worked with Debbie whilst securing a new position within Business Development. She was keen to keep me informed of the recruitment process offering suggestions and advise when asked and giving me good background information when researching the position.
    Candidate, Stratile
    I found Sandy to be intuitive, positive and responsive, her approach to securing a Skype interview with the client, setting up the studio arrangements and keeping me updated on the progress of my application (was) very professional and reassuring.

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  • Candidate, The Big Partnership
    Your service was great and you were always timely and responsive, I enjoyed liaising with you on candidates. It is really based on who fits the bill and what are needs are in regards to the candidates we see.
    Client, RAPP
    When applying for jobs through recruitment agencies I was skeptical and really didn't expect to hear anything back - let alone actually find a decent job! Denholm Associates restored my faith in recruitment.
    Candidate, Arnold Clark
    I found that in the time we worked together Denholm was very proactive and knowledgeable about the industry, and to me this is essential.
    Candidate, Standard Life
    In all my dealings with Denholm I found them extremely professional and very thorough throughout. I have no hesitation in recommending Denholm and look forward to working with them on future projects in my new role.
    Candidate, Young's Seafood
    I would use Denholm time after time! They are great and made the process fun and exciting! I also want to thank them for all of their hard work and friendly approach! Amazing service and amazing people!
    Candidate, The Leith Agency
    Thank you for Denholm's support in the recent recruitment for the Marketing Director role. The speed of reaction to our changed brief was very positive. I am sure we have found the correct person for the role.
    Client, First Milk
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